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Helmet Brim Equest Endurance

Helmet Brim Equest Endurance

Da Brim Equest Endurance Helmet Brim attaches easily to your helmet with no sticky adhesives. Offering horse riders the flexibility of shading their face, neck and ears by 360 degrees when required. UPF50+ sun protection and the brim blocks 97% of solar radiation and stays securely in place in windy conditions even at a gallop. DA BRIM Equestrian  Endurance Helmet Brim provides fantastic sun protection. This helmet visor provides broad sun protection and is perfect for a long trail ride or practising in an outdoor ring.

The Equestrian Endurance Helmet Brim width is 3 ½ inches at the front contouring to 4 ½ inches at the rear. Note that dimensions are of brim itself. 

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    How to install video:


    • Installs quickly and easily without modification to your helmet or sticky adhesives.
    • Easy to remove and store
    • Air flows freely through helmet vents, promoting cooling
    • Helps block glare
    • The secure attachment that stays on—even at a gallop!
    • Reinforced brim edge for added stability
    • Water-resistant materials keep the rain off your shoulders and neck during rainy day rides
    • Works with virtually any equestrian helmet and includes a pocketed area for accommodation of equestrian helmets with non-removable visors.
    • Da Brim® is a product of Bryan Family Enterprises LLC.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 38 reviews
    Great product, tried and tested.

    These work. Used on helmets on a multi-day ride in the high country in mid summer, they gave good protection from the strong sun to face, ears, and neck. Durability is good (the ones we used before buying our own were in daily use at a riding centre, and so took a beating). My only grumble is the cost - my review would be 5 star if they were much more affordable, as the cost will be prohibitive for many riders.

    Stop wasting your time...

    ...looking at the thing and thinking if you really need it. You live in Oz, you ride outdoors? Can't wear your Akubra for insurance reasons? Well, you need it. Stays in place even at high speeds, easily strapped on to the riding helmet without sticky stuff and looks the part. Well made, in Mexico for a change not PCR. Just hope that AusPost wont bend it in transit.

    Maxine Maxwell

    I love it. No sun on my face or neck. Easy to fit on my helmet and stayed on in very windy conditions as well.


    Easy to attach and detach. Doesn't damage helmet. Provides heaps of shade. Highly recommend!

    Jude Rangihaeata

    Just completed a two day riding event in the hot Western Australian sun and it was fantastic to have the shade. Many of the other riders were very interested in getting one for themselves.