1) How do your brims attach?

The Da Brim has an attachment strip that tightens around the outside of your helmet, tightly gripping on with a rubber inner section.

2) How do Treadleys attach?

The Treadley Helmet Hats wrap over and around the outside of your helmet, tightening with a pull-string.

3) Am I going to have sticky residue all over my helmet?

Nope! There are absolutely no adhesives involved. Instead, a rubber inner ring tightens around your helmet, holding it firmly in place.

4) What if I’m riding in the wind?

The Da Brim attaches very firmly to your helmet – it can withstand winds over 50 km/h. In strong winds, tighten your helmet.

5) Can I use it on multiple helmets?

Of course! There are zero adhesives involved, so you can take your brim straight off one helmet, and attach it onto another – no problems.

6) Where do you post from?

We’re based in central Brisbane City. We post your orders as soon as we can, and often same day if placed before 10 am business days.

7) How long does shipping take?

We ship with Australia Post, so you will usually get your Da Brim within five working days.

8) I can’t find my question

That’s okay! Just reach out to our team on (07) 2104 9337, or email info@sunbrims.com.au