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Da Brim Cycling Helmet Brim

Da Brim Cycling Helmet Brim

The Da Brim Cycling Helmet Brim is designed for maximal UPF50+ sun protection coverage. The brim provides a broad 360° sun protection. Use our helmet visor with virtually any bicycle helmet to increase your enjoyment of a ride in the cool comfort of shade.

The Cycling Brim is designed to work with both traditional bicycle helmets that have a notch or indentation at the back of the helmet to nest the Da Brim’s attachment strap and with more rounded helmets.

Medium Colours - Grey, Black, Fluro Yellow, White, Tan, Pastel Ribbons & Ocean

Medium Size - 2¾" front brim contours to 3¾" at rear. Dimensions are of the brim itself.

Large Colours - Grey, Fluro Yellow, White, Red & Blue

Large Size: 3½" front brim contours to 4½" at rear. Note that dimensions are of brim itself.

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How to install video:


  • Requires no modifications to your helmet or sticky adhesives
  • Air flows freely through helmet vents, promoting cooling
  • Helps block glare
  • Adjustable front visor angle to see forward while in a head-down riding position
  • The front strap keeps the brim from coming down and impairing vision
  • Rear brim height adjustment for use with backpacks and mirrors
  • Reinforced brim edge for added stability
  • UPF50+ brim (helmet attachment crown not rated)
  • Lightweight (weighs approximately 5 oz.)
  • Water-Resistant
  • Hand wash, hang to dry
  • One size fits most helmets 26- 32″ in outer circumference where the Da Brim will sit
  • Pictured on a helmet. Helmet not included. (Note: chin strap is helmet’s).

Riding recumbent?

For RECUMBENT RIDING add the Front Stabiliser to the cart. The Front Stabiliser allows a user to bend the front of the brim more forward for better shade and prevents the front visor from flipping back while in a laid back head position, and is for use with our full brim cycling models.

Customer Reviews

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Erica, your friendly suburban mum
Da Brims are Da Sh*t

I’ve been riding around with a stuffy cap rammed under my helmet for years then I saw a fellow cyclist with one of these saucer thingos on. I got one for myself and my husband. LIFE CHANGING!!!!! If you have been thinking about one just do it you won’t regret it. Also great for swoopie boy season ;)

Da Brim Cycling Helmet Brim

Excellent product, for protection against sun and bird swooping, without reducing airflow nor reducing fields of view.
My last one has lasted more than 10 years of daily use, and I have come back for another one of the same as there is nothing better that I could find. I use velcro stick ons to secure to helmet.

John Wallace

It fulfils its function, as stated in the marketing. At about 40kph the brim becomes a little unstable and is vulnerable to the strong gusts associated with passing trucks. But given the size of the brim, I reckon it does a good job. I bought it to protect my 83 year old face from the sun and am pleased with the result.
Like most of my pals in the Hobart Walking Club cycling group. I have used cable ties to make its attachment to my helmet extra secure.

Helen Zammitt

I secured the brim to my helmet with velcro because I know people who's brim has blown off. I was surprised that the brim is only secured by tightening a strap. I will also add some velcro to the front to prevent the brim from blowing back. At one point it did slip down over my eyes while I was going downhill fast, on a bend!! I think there are some design faults.

Ron Xuereb
Sun off

Fits perfectly. I ordered the small but I would prefer even a bit smaller