Treadley Install


The Treadley Helmet Hat is designed to work with helmets that either have a notch or indentation at the back of the helmet.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Remove the helmet peak (if your style has one). Most easily pop out.  
  2. Place the inside helmet peak seam on the front edge of your helmet and pull the hat over to cover. TOP TIP: Fit the hat on the helmet with the hat and helmet turned upside and held against you. This position provides better leverage and helps stop the hat from slipping. 
  3. Adjust the hat across the helmet and on all sides
  4. Ensure the back flap is fully pulled down, it can get caught
  5. If your style has strap catches, fit these onto the helmet straps.
  6. Pull the elastic and toggle to ensure a secure fit.
  7. Grab your bike and have fun!