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Da Brim Rezzo Visor

I used this today for the first time. It sits high on the helmet which is great for visibility and wins hands down on cap visors which are hot and can slip down. Only drawback is when I tried to put the visor lower on the Velcro band it doesn’t feel so secure so may be in windy conditions could blow off? I think Sun Brims should devise an extra securing system over and above the Velcro.

Treadley Explorer

Does the job for which it's designed for quite well.

Treadley Explorer Helmet Hat


It is a firm brim that does not move or flap when riding, even when zooming down a steep hill. It doesn't affect peripheral vision at all and the shade area is great. I love it.

Does what it says!

Get sun protection. Fits on my helmet and stays in place. Recommend.

Cycle Touring

Absolutely brilliant head wear for keeping off the sun on my latest bicycle tour. Really protect me from getting burnt on the face ears and neck.

Love the concept but not quite perfect

I really like the idea of a sun visor on my helmet, however I am having trouble with the detachable band..... well, it detaches itself! Not while I'm riding, but when I'm putting my helmet into/out of my pannier. Otherwise, terrific!

Helmet Brim Equest Petite

Love mine so much, bought one for my best mate.

I've owned my original Sporty Brim for a year or more now. It's brilliant for keeping the hot sun off your neck and the magpies away from your ears. I love mine so much, I bought one for my mate's birthday... maybe he won't whinge as much on those long Spring/Summer two wheeled adventures.

Treadle Explorer Helmet Hat

The hat is fantastic for my husbands helmet, my only problem is my helmet size. My husband has a smaller helmet than I have & his hat fits the helmet perfectly but my helmet is larger & the hat’s elastic is not big enough to get around the back of the helmet. I am hoping the wind under the brim will not drag the hat off the helmet as I ride along. One size does definitely not fit all helmets. You could do with a large size for larger helmets.

Excellent product

The quality of the hat is excellent and it was easy to fit to the helmets and works very well both in still and windy conditions. My only issue is the cost of the product which does seem expensive when it cost 4 times the price of my safety certified helmet.

Great sun protection

Da Brim has been great for sun protection, and survived strong winds 30km really well. Have recently had a melanoma taken off so wanted to continue cycling and get best total sun blockout. This cycling helmet rim has been brilliant!!

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim

Great brim

We purchased the sporty brim and have found it fantastic. This stays on even in moderate windy conditions when cycling.

Treadley Explorer Helmet Hat

Trendy Treadley

The treadley helmet hat is great for keeping off the sun. I used to wear a cap under my helmet, which was really hot. The treadley is much cooler and more comfortable. One of the elastic traps pulled away from its anchor point, but was easy to fix. I've had several people ask where I got it.

great sun protection

I wish I had found out about this product earlier as I had no idea the hats existed. It was only due to the fact I saw someone riding with one that i went searching. Bonus that they are Australian! The hat is excellent, I would like to see it weighted on the back flap as it is annoying flapping on your ears when you ride or if its a bit windy, it rides up the back of your neck and doesn’t protect it enough. But besides that suggestion I love it and it has protected the front of my face.

Great product, so far no complaints at all!!

Normally I have to have either a bandanna or something similar on my head under the helmet due to my intolerance of sunlight on my skin !! On hot days this can be very uncomfortable and also cause heat buildup on my head!!! Whilst I have only been on a couple of rides wearing the Helmet Hat , it is quite noticeable that there is a significant increase in airflow over my scalp while at the same time my head AND the back of my neck are still protected from the sun !! As riding is my preferred form of exercise with the occasional walk thrown in, anything that can give me protection from U V is very welcome!!! Thank you!!

Treadley Kids Helmet Hat

Helmet Brim Request Petite

Excellent product. Fits helmet easily and securely. Provides excellent shade/sun protection for face and back of neck without looking too ' dorky'

Treadley Explorer Helmet Hat

East to install

The brim was easy to install.
It had a bit of wind drag, I had to keep looking down when wind is strong.
Overall a great product.

Explorer Helmet Hat

Received it 31/12/20. Seems fine. Looks cool. Windy day and hat was lightweight so didn't pull on helmet and toggles allowed it to stay in place. Offers complete protection.

Very happy

I’m very happy with our two Cycling Sporty Helmet Brims.
They were easy to fit to our Helmet’s and do a great job at keeping the sun off our faces and necks.

Helmet Brim Petite

Love it, just the thing for protecting me whilst horse riding. It stayed on too when we experienced high winds over 30kph the other day.