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Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Wayne Ritter (Gold Coast, AU)

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim

Brim visor

Disappointed regardless of how tight i have it it blows up in the wind.
Cant use it.

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Sonya Abraham (Adelaide, AU)
Great coverage

Great coverage against the sun

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Robyn Davill (Adelaide, AU)
Da Brim sun hat

I have now ridden with the hat four times and really like it. First time I had to remove it due to extremely high winds along a ridge but pretty good on other rides. I do go very fast on descents and have noticed the front brim flips back. I did read the safely warnings however.

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Tracy Rogers (Brisbane, AU)
My Dad loves it.

I bought this as a Christmas present for my Dad. He is 84 and goes out on his stand up electric scooter every day. He says the the helmet brim has made a big difference to how ‘hot’ he feels on these hot days in Queensland. He thinks it’s great.

Treadley Explorer Helmet Hat
C. (Diamond Creek, AU)
Great Product and Service

We have purchased several of the Helmet Hats and find that they are a great product. PLUS, they stand by their product even several years after the purchase date.

AIRSMITH C02 Tyre Inflator Kit
Mark Prendiville (Perth, AU)
AIRSMITH C02 Tyre Inflator Kit

Excellent piece of kit

Treadley Explorer Helmet Hat
Pamela Chapman (Adelaide, AU)
Treadley Explorer Hat does the job

Delighted with our SunBrim Treadley Explorer hats. They fit perfectly over our bike helmets meaning we can protect ourselves from the sun while out and about on our bikes.

Cycling Sporty Helmet Brim
Gwyn Jones (Sydney, AU)
Fits just fine

I was worried it would be too big for my helmet. But with a few tweaks it looks just fine. I’m looking forward to using it at soon as the sun shines!

Helmet Brim Equest Endurance
Jennifer Davenport (Adelaide, AU)

I have not yet received my helmet brim

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Solves many problems

I brought one of the classics 5-10 years ago. It's been one of the most enduring bike things that I have. I have been touring in >45° temperatures (no fun) and I wouldn't have made it without the DaBrim. It keeps off the sun, rain and magpies too. I was initially only going to use it during the hotter months, but I leave it on all of the time.

great idea

A great idea for people out in the sun riding horses. I suffer from very fair skin and the sun brim protects my face from the sun very well

Helmet Brim Equest Petite

Helmet Brim Equest Petite
Ian Johnstone (Melbourne, AU)

Helmet Brim Equest Petite

Cycling Sporty Helmet Brim
Mark (Sydney, AU)
Looks great and works well

They are great products as just what I needed be able use with my e-bike and keep the sun protection

Cycling Sporty Helmet Brim
Cheryl (Adelaide) (Adelaide, AU)
Very sunsafe

Keeps me much cooler and sun safe . Thankyou Angus for guiding me to attach it correctly to my helmet.

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Timothy Quinn (Melbourne, AU)

Da brim is great! Easy to attach. Doesn’t fall off while riding, even if it’s windy. And great protection from the sun!

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Sharon D (Oxenford, AU)
Excellent shade

Purchased two brims and they are excellent for riding in the sun not to mention the rain as it keeps it off glasses. Excellent product.

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
john brannelly (Brisbane, AU)
Sun Hat

Simple to use and significant shade provided.

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Barry Brooks (Melbourne, AU)
Sun Brim works well

I go on day long rides wearing my Sun Brim and it does a good job keeping the sun off my face and neck. It also works well as a defense against magpie strikes, as it stops the birds getting to my face. I am very glad I bought it. The only slight issue is when it's very windy, which it has been lately, it feels like my helmet is being lifted off my head. But the Sun Brim hasn't come off. So overall I'm happy with my purchase.

Looks great , purchased for Christmas gifts so not used yet

Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Damien (Brisbane, AU)
Great product

Great for the heavy rain too! Keeps my glasses dry. Much cooler too in the tropics.

Treadley Explorer Helmet Hat
Ann Bird (Perth, AU)


Cycling Classic Helmet Brim
Sarah (Brisbane, AU)

Practical design…the skin saver I needed!

Cycling Sporty Helmet Brim
Heather-lee Ollington (Brisbane, AU)

Very happy with it.