Front Light for basket


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This is the Front Light for a Basket – assumes basket has an attachment point with bolt holes and that you have the Dynamo.

For a complete Light add the Front Light for Basket Plus Dynamo to cart $74.95

Powered by Eddy currents, the energy is generated without friction making it incredibly efficient. You’ll never have to think about batteries again. This means that NOVA is always on when riding as well as when stopping for red lights due to the integrated ReePower™ function.

NOVA delivers up to 60 lumens and is the brightest Reelight bike light in stock.

NOVA is the right choice if you want to light up the road with a wide cone of light. It is also a good choice if you want a bike light that is easy to mount since NOVA is equipped with an easy mounting system, called ReeMount™. The mounting system is, despite its easy mounting, not easy to steal when first mounted permanently with the accompanying tool.

Note: One dynamo is required for EACH light you plan on adding