Installing Your Da Brim Helmet Brim

Step one

Begin with a loose adjustment strap.

Hold your helmet at the center back with your thumb on the outside and grip the center back loop of the Da Brim® at the same place with your thumb.

step two

hold and rotate upside down

Place your other hand at the front of Da Brim® and rotate the assembly upside down. Push the helmet against your chest and slowly pull Da Brim® over the helmet, seating Da Brim® edge on the helmet. The black underside of Da Brim® should end at the bottom edge of the helmet

step Three

Flip and Tighten

Flip the assembly over and tighten the strap by positioning your thumb at the rear of the helmet and pulling on the strap. Tuck the strap into the hole provided.

step four

Check and make sure

Check for correct installation. Centers of helmet and Da Brim® should align; if necessary, pull to straighten. Always ensure the strap is tight. Da Brim® should always seat below the front helmet surface, as shown, to prevent detachment. Check by pulling upward on the front visor as if in wind flow—the Da Brim® should not be loose or detach from the helmet. If the Da Brim does not seat as described herein, do not use the Da Brim® with this helmet. Failure to properly seat the Da Brim® could result in the Da Brim® unseating during use and startling you or others or obstructing your vision, which may lead to serious injury or even death.


To remove the Da Brim

To remove the Da Brim® from the helmet, wait until you are at safe location and at a rest position, then disengage the Da Brim® by releasing the tension on the strap by pulling up on the buckle. Pull up on the Da Brim® to remove.


The Da Brim® is not a safety device

The sporty cycling model Da Brim® is intended to be used as a brim with a cycling helmet while cycling. Do not use the Da Brim® except as intended. You are responsible for your own safety. The Da Brim® is not a substitute for a helmet and does not provide impact protection. Follow this product’s instructions for proper use— failure to do so could result in serious bodily injury or death. Always follow the helmet manufacturer’s warnings instructions; if a conflict between this product’s and the helmet’s instructions exist, follow the helmet’s instructions.

Adult Supervision Required

The Da Brim® is not a toy. If not properly fitted and installed, the Da Brim® may obstruct vision, which may lead to serious bodily injury or death depending on the activity. Additionally, the Da Brim® leash or straps may become entangled during certain activities such as swimming, climbing, or playing on playground equipment, which may lead to strangulation. Adult supervision is required to ensure the Da Brim is installed correctly and used as intended.